Canned Nostalgia

$50.00 - $500.00

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Do you find yourself wishing for the good old days? Trolling Facebook for folks in your past? Often stuck in the idealized version of the past? We have the perfect more discreet way to achieve that 'good old' feeling: Canned Nostalgia! After many attempts, we have finally developed a pure nostalgia. All you have to do is spray this on and whatever idealized version of the past will instantly exist. Even if it wasn't that great in the past, you will have the opportunity to experience it through 'Rose-colored' glasses. No more longing for the past, you can get there and stay there with a little spritz. Stop trying to connect with friends from elementary school that you never really cared about to begin with. You can spray this on and reminisce about the good old days of when you and that past acquaintance were 'Best Friends' or 'so in love' and everything was all good.

Side effects include distorted vision, delusions and confusion.

25% of the editions can be found on the streets follow us on IG (@mz.icar) for locations.

Each can is signed and will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity. Canned Nostalgia is made from recycled spray cans. It is in an edition of 100. Each top and bottom of can is individually painted so they differ slightly making each one unique just like you :)

disclaimer: please note that these are pieces of artworks they are symbols they are not real sprays there is nothing in here to be sprayed on folks. It won't change the world all 'instant-like' but it might change the way you think about it, Sparks and conversations that may lead to some thoughts/actions and that could change the world.