$50.00 - $500.00

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Do you ever wish you were black, but just didn't want to have black problems like police brutality racism economic disparity overall general oppression? Well, we have the solution for you. A brand new can of compressed Black- a little bit of this and you will have all of the positive stereotypes that one black person could have. You will instantly be able to enjoy spicy foods, have rhythm, play an instrument, hey you might even be able to be a rapper or football player.

Side effects include teeth kissing, eye rolls, annoyance with white centricity and in rare cases a widened nose and or larger booty.

Can-O-Black is made from recycled spray cans. It is in an edition of 100. Each top and bottom of can is individually painted so they differ slightly making each one unique just like you :)

25% of the editions can be found on the streets follow us on IG for locations.

disclaimer: please note that these are pieces of artworks they are symbols they are not real sprays there is nothing in here to be sprayed on folks. It won't change the world all 'instant-like' but it might change the way you think about it, Sparks and conversations that may lead to some thoughts/actions and that could change the world.

Each can is signed and will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity.